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"Despite his young age, Fabio shows an uncommon intelligence.." 

Paolo Fresu

"Fabio is one of the most amazing people I've ever met.

Preparation, instinct, control and curiosity are some of the qualities that make him unique in the field of contemporary piano..."

Furio Di Castri

"I've mmediately realized that he had great talent.

As for the technique, this musician has nothing to envy to the best pianists of the international jazz scene..."

Fabrizio Bosso

"He caught the audience attention without any doubt and shows his great instrumental skills on the full keyboard.

A true modern jazz pianist.

Ladies and gentlemen, here is Fabio Giachino.."

Dado Moroni

"To start a career as a leader, I think one needs to have three basic qualities: talent, intelligence and perseverance.

I immediately sensed these qualities in Fabio, when we had the opportunity to play together for the first time..."

Rosario Giuliani

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